Nineteen Seventy is a sophisticated-tropical brand inspired by the endless bliss of a Caribbean life 


Nestled in the heart of the Dominican Republic, this brand proudly pays homage to its island heritage and its vibrant people, weaving tales through authentic textiles while honoring the hands that bring them to life.

With a radiating warmth and tropical heart, we surpass borders and seek to forge profound connections with kindred spirits spanning the entire globe.

Our Identity,

fusing the traditional with the contemporary is born of simplicity and nurtured by the purity of our materials. We strive to fashion a brand that transcends time, a beacon of craftsmanship, comfort, and uncompromising quality. Guided by sustainability, we navigate the currents of change, mindful of the impact we leave behind.

With insatiable curiosity,

we embark on a journey of discovery, of creation, and of life itself. Step into our world, where learning knows no bounds and where dreams unfold.

Welcome to the brand.