Nineteen Seventy is a men’s resort brand, based in the Dominican Republic, focused on creating clothes with a greater purpose than just being sold and worn.
Our goal is to make men care.
We want them to understand where the clothes are coming from, and with this, to be proud of what they are wearing. For them to make a purchase not only to acquire a new look, but consciously to help the environment and/or an entire chain of people who worked on those final products.  

We value the history behind the materials, those who have woven, embroidered or made them and it’s our mission to cultivate these values in our customers too.

Carla, the founder, since little has always loved shopping and styling one of her older brothers, she would even pick out his outfits for going out...(still does)
Fashion was her passion and at 18 she moved to Paris and graduated from Fashion Design.
After living abroad for 8 years, she came back to the Dominican Republic and as usual started picking out her brother's clothes...again, this is when she first thought of creating Nineteen Seventy.